Driver license means

   1. The right to drive
   2. The privilege to operate a motor vehicle
   3. The evidence of the right to operate a motor vehicle
   4. The evidence of the privilege to operate a motor vehicle

The basic speed law for a school zone is

   1. 25 mph
   2. 30 mph
   3. 20 mph
   4. 15 mph

A Utah license is renewed

   1. On a 5-year cycle
   2. On a 4-year cycle
   3. On a 3-year cycle
   4. Always by mail

If you drive successive years without a conviction, all points will be removed from your driving record

   1. Two
   2. Four
   3. Three
   4. Five

When driving a class D vehicle, you are considered to be unlawfully intoxicated if your blood alcohol level content reaches or exceeds percent

   1. .05
   2. .10
   3. .08
   4. .04

You cannot legally park within feet of a crosswalk

   1. 15
   2. 20
   3. 25
   4. 30

Do not pass

   1. On hills or curves
   2. When school bus lights are flashing
   3. When approaching an intersection or crossing
   4. All of the above

What is the maximum speed limit on a Utah rural interstate?

   1. 75 mph
   2. 65 mph
   3. 55 mph
   4. 50 mph

A sign of this shape (diamond) means

   1. Stop
   2. Two-way traffic
   3. Warning
   4. Railroad crossing

Provisional license means

   1. Any original Utah license issued to persons under 21
   2. Any license issued with restrictions
   3. Any license issued with a side view profile picture
   4. Any original Utah license issued to persons under 18

You must signal at least before changing lanes

   1. 2 seconds
   2. 3 seconds
   3. 200 feet
   4. 300 feet

When approached by an emergency vehicle

   1. Pull over to the right and stop
   2. Pull over to the right and slow down
   3. Pull to the right and put on your emergency flashers
   4. Stop and let the emergency vehicle go around

Parallel parking between two cars requires that you first

   1. Turn your wheels to the left
   2. Turn your wheels to the right
   3. Pull even with the front car
   4. Back slowly

The vision standard for a driver license is

   1. 20/40
   2. 20/50
   3. 20/30
   4. 20/60

Non-residents, sixteen years of age or older, who are licensed by other states may drive in Utah

   1. True
   2. False

People who drive farm tractors are required to have a license

   1. True
   2. False

The basic Speed Law for a residential area is

   1. 25 mph
   2. 30 mph
   3. 20 mph
   4. 15 mph

U-turn should only be done

   1. At intersections
   2. Between intersections
   3. If you know the u-turn law for that area
   4. By pulling off the road first

Having never been licensed before

   1. Driver education is required
   2. Driver Education is required for those under 18
   3. Driver Education is required for those under 21
   4. Driver Education is required for those under 25

Suspension means

   1. Your privilege to drive is temporarily withdrawn
   2. Your privilege to drive is terminated
   3. Your privilege to drive is permanently withdrawn
   4. Your consent to drive has been withdrawn or terminated

You cannot legally park within feet of a fire hydrant

   1. 20
   2. 10
   3. 15
   4. 30

An operator license is a class

   1. A
   2. B
   3. C
   4. D

Change of address notification must be done within

   1. 90 days
   2. 30 days
   3. 10 days
   4. 5 days

Many insurance companies offer “good student rates” for those who maintain a 3.0 GPA or higher

   1. True
   2. False

Driving slowly is not always safe driving

   1. True
   2. False

It is not illegal to remove, fail to repair or modify a vehicles air bag

   1. True
   2. False

An SR-22 means motorcycle insurance

   1. True
   2. False

All individuals under 18 years of age applying for a drivers license for the first time must complete hours of driving a motor vehicle (6 of which may be completed in an approved driver education course)

   1. 6
   2. 10
   3. 30
   4. 40

Good drivers learn to deal with other drivers who are unable or unwilling to drive safely by

   1. Insulting them
   2. Compensating for others bad actions
   3. Challenging them
   4. Forcing the right of way

If you are driving on the freeway or attempting to pass another vehicle, do it safely and maintain a proper following distance. A proper following distance under normal freeway and passing condition can be determined by using

   1. The 2-second rule
   2. The 3-second rule
   3. The 5-second rule
   4. You do not need to be concerned with following distance when following another vehicle

Which of the following is not true about roundabouts?

   1. Always yield to the traffic that is already in the roundabout
   2. Roundabouts run counter clockwise
   3. Always enter the roundabout to your right
   4. It is not necessary to yield to pedestrians at a roundabout as it is an intersection where pedestrian traffic is not allowed

What is the number one reason people die on Utah highways?

   1. Speed too fast
   2. Driving under the influence
   3. Improper lookout
   4. Drove left of center

A sign of this shape (round) means

   1. Yield
   2. Stop
   3. Railroad crossing
   4. Regulatory

Which of the following physical impairments needs to be reported to the Driver License Division?

   1. Diseases
   2. Mental or emotional problems
   3. Physical handicaps
   4. All of the above

Following another vehicle at night, dim your lights before

   1. 100 feet
   2. 300 feet
   3. 200 feet
   4. 500 feet

When painted crosswalk lines and stop signs both appear at an intersection, vehicles should stop behind the

   1. Base of the stop sign
   2. Nearest crosswalk line
   3. Point where traffic can be seen regardless of A or B
   4. Intersection

Which of the following has priority in controlling traffic

   1. State traffic laws
   2. Local or municipal regulations
   3. The traffic officer on the spot
   4. Traffic lights

Which of the following is not legal equipment on automobile?

   1. Muffler cut out
   2. Brakes
   3. Horn
   4. Tired

A flashing yellow light means

   1. Stop
   2. Clear the intersection
   3. Caution
   4. Stop and proceed when clear

The general meaning of a traffic sign may be identified first by

   1. Location
   2. Placement
   3. Shape
   4. Traffic flow

Never leave your vehicle until you have

   1. Set the parking brake
   2. Stopped the motor
   3. Removed the ignition key
   4. All of the above

A sign of this shape (rectangular) means

   1. Pedestrian cross
   2. Merging traffic
   3. Regulatory
   4. Warning

It is wise to reduce your speed below normal when

   1. Approaching an intersection
   2. Approaching and going around a curve
   3. Approaching the top of a hill where visibility is limited
   4. All of the above

Mile post begins from the borders of our state

   1. South and West
   2. North and South
   3. South and East
   4. North and East

The color red in traffic signs indicates

   1. Stop and look
   2. Danger and beware
   3. Stop not allowed
   4. Extra caution and beware

If you are convicted of, plead guilty to, or forfeit bail for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, your punishment may be

   1. 6 months in jail
   2. A fine of $1000
   3. You license suspended for 90 days on the first violation
   4. All of the above

Motorcycle helmets

   1. Are not required
   2. Are required for motorcycle riders under 18
   3. Are required for motorcycle riders under 21
   4. Are required for all motorcycle riders

If an officer arrest you for drunk driving and asks you to take a test to determine your blood alcohol content you may

   1. Choose what type of test to take
   2. Consult your attorney prior to taking any test
   3. Consult your doctor prior to taking any test
   4. Lose your drivers license by refusing to take the test

The motorist’s responsibility in relation to that of the pedestrian is

   1. Equal to
   2. Greater than
   3. Less than
   4. None of the above

If you unable to understand highway signs in the English language, you cannot be issued a Utah driver license

   1. True
   2. False


























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