A learners permit

   1. Is valid for four years
   2. Is issued to applicants who are at least 15 years and nine months old
   3. Is issued by the Driver Education Instructor
   4. Is issued to driver education graduates who are at least 16 years old

To obtain a duplicate license

   1. Application must be made within 10 days
   2. A request may be made by telephone
   3. Identification can be determined from the computer
   4. Proof of identification must be provided

If you arrive at an intersection at the same time as another vehicle

   1. The car on the right should insist on assuming the right of way
   2. The car on the left has the right of way
   3. The car on left should yield to the car on the right
   4. The car on the right shall yield to the car on the right

On a two-way, uphill curb parking requires

   1. Your steering wheel to e turned to the right
   2. Your steering wheel to be turned to the left
   3. Your right rear tire to be resting on the curb
   4. That you leave 6 inches between your car and the curb

Blue signs indicate

   1. Parks
   2. Guidance
   3. Beware
   4. Service

All green lights and green arrows means

   1. a. Go
   2. Accelerate quickly
   3. Go if the intersection is clear
   4. a. Wait until you are instructed to go.
Wait until you are instructed to go

1. At night, dim your lights on approaching a car before
At night, dim your lights on approaching a car before

   1. 100 feet
   2. 200 feet
   3. 300 feet
   4. 500 feet

Drivers under 21 are allowed up to points in a three-year period under the Driver License Point System

   1. 70
   2. 75
   3. 200
   4. 100

If another vehicle does not dim their lights

   1. Keep yours on bright
   2. Dim yours anyway
   3. Honk your horn
   4. Keep flashing your lights until they dim their lights

To bring a car out of a skid you should turn the steering wheel

   1. In the direction the front of the car is going
   2. In the direction the rear of the car is going
   3. In one direction then the other to see which is best
   4. Neither direction; just apply the brakes

1. You must not make a U-turn to go in the opposite direction unless you can see or
be seen in either direction for

   1. 100 feet
   2. 200 feet
   3. 300 feet
   4. 500 feet

To help prevent accidents you should give the correct signal before

   1. Slowing down
   2. Stopping
   3. Turning
   4. All of the above

How close to a fire station driveway entrance (same side of street) may you park?

   1. 20 feet
   2. 50 feet
   3. 65 feet
   4. 86 feet

A white line divides

   1. a. traffic going in the same direction
traffic going in the same direction
   2. Traffic going in opposite directions
   3. Two-way traffic
   4. All of the above

A sign of this shape (octagon) means

   1. Yield
   2. Right turn
   3. Slippery when wet
   4. Stop

The sign of this shape (pentagon)) means

   1. Left turn allowed
   2. Stop
   3. School
   4. Signal ahead

An instruction permit

   1. Allows a student to drive with an instructor
   2. Allow a student to drive with a parent
   3. Allows a student to drive with anyone over 21
   4. Allows a student to drive for six months

You can make a left turn on a red light

   1. Only in an emergency
   2. Only from the middle of an intersections
   3. Sometimes where two one-way streets connect
   4. Only if you’ve checked your blind spots

The driver license compact

   1. Requires the driver to be financially responsible
   2. Provides guidelines for cooperation among states
   3. Allows drivers from other states to drive in Utah
   4. Requires drivers to submit to a sobriety test

Do not park

   1. On a sidewalk or a crosswalk
   2. On the roadway side of a vehicle
   3. Within 50 feet of a railroad crossing
   4. All of the above

The purpose of a regulatory sign is

   1. To give information
   2. To warn of unusual conditions
   3. To control movement
   4. To inform of proper exits to take

This sign means

   1. Two-way traffic
   2. Divided highway ahead
   3. Divided highway ends
   4. Merge

The sign means

   1. Curve ahead
   2. Slippery when wet
   3. Skidding permitted
   4. Left turn/right turn

A yellow line divides

   1. Traffic going in the same direction
   2. Traffic going in opposite directions
   3. Freeway traffic
   4. None of the above

Approximately States are members of the Driver License Compact

   1. 10
   2. 40
   3. 45
   4. 20

Construction barriers indicate direction by

   1. Posted signs
   2. Height
   3. Width
   4. Position and direction of the color bars

Your points will be cut in half if you go between violations

   1. Two years
   2. One year
   3. Three years
   4. Six months

Drivers, front seat passengers, and children up to the age of ten

   1. Have less chance of being killed then other passengers
   2. Would have an increased chance of survival upon being thrown from the car
   3. Are required to wear seat belts or other adequate restraints
   4. Do not risk death or injury at speeds under 40mph

The law that requires you to take a chemical test for alcohol is which of the flowing

   1. The driver license compact
   2. The basic speed law
   3. The implied consent law
   4. The uniform vehicle code

Driving an automobile is considered a

   1. Right
   2. Privilege
   3. Imposition
   4. None of the above

Which of the following lights indicates that you should slow down and exercise caution at the intersection?

   1. Red
   2. Yellow
   3. Flashing yellow
   4. Flashing red

At the entrance ramp to the freeway?

   1. The entering car has the right-of the way
   2. All traffic should slow down and proceed with caution
   3. The left lane traffic on the freeway has the right-of-way
   4. Cars entering from the ramp should look for opening in the traffic, accelerate
to the main traffic speed and merge left into the traffic in the right lane

All motor vehicles, except motorcycles, are required to have insurance

   1. True
   2. False

A collision is only reportable if the vehicle damage exceeds $750.00

   1. True
   2. False

People who drive farm equipment are required to obey traffic rules

   1. True
   2. False

Active military personnel with out-of state licenses are required to obtain Utah driver licenses

   1. True
   2. False

Delinquent traffic tickets may prevent you from getting a driver license

   1. True
   2. False

If your first license is for “motorcycle use only” you are required to complete driver education

   1. True
   2. False

You may apply for renewal of your driver license six months prior to its date of expiration

   1. True
   2. False

When you apply for a duplicate of your driver license you are required to provide proof of your identify

   1. True
   2. False

When backing, it is recommended that you use your mirrors only

   1. True
   2. False

The minimum drinking age in Utah is 18

   1. True
   2. False

In some situation, a person may be charged with a DUI even if their BAC is under 0.08

   1. True
   2. False

If you are in an accident, you are required to file a report within 21 days

   1. True
   2. False

It is acceptable to read your map while driving

   1. True
   2. False

Pedestrian vehicle is

   1. To be used on the sidewalk only
   2. A vehicle used at a pedestrian crossing
   3. Any self-propelled conveyance for the exclusive use of physically disabled persons
   4. Any self-propelled conveyance

All children under what age are required to be restrained in seat belts?

   1. 4 year of age
   2. 5 years of age
   3. 8 years of age
   4. Utah law requires the driver and all passengers to be buckled if a seat belt is available

A person may obtain a Utah license at age 15

   1. True
   2. False

If you are involved in an accident with a car where the other driver is unavailable, you should leave a note

   1. True
   2. False

Insurance rates for a 40 years-old woman will likely be higher than rate for a 16 year-old male (assuming they both have a clear driving record).

   1. True
   2. False


























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