1. In 2016, how many deaths were attributed to speed crashes in Utah?

2. If the posted speed limit is 65 MPH in what driving conditions may the posted limit not be the safest speed at which to travel?

3. At 37% speeding is one of the 5 leading contributing factors in traffic deaths on Utah highways.

4. In a minor collision, if both cars are drivable and there are no serious injuries call 911 and move to the next exit.

5. True or False: You tend to drive toward what you are looking at, focus on the road ahead and avoid target fixation.

6. What was the leading contributing factor in deaths?

7. Most actions connected with aggressive driving are illegal, such as:

8. Traveling at a speed too fast for conditions attributed to how many deaths in 2016?

9. You must slow down & move over when you approach which of these stationary emergency or service vehicles:

10. You need to slow down & move over for emergency vehicles only at night or during inclement weather.

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