1. Unrestrained occupants in Utah accounted for what percentage of deaths?

2. The estimated number of deaths that could have been prevented by wearing a seat belt is:

3. Speeding and not wearing a seat belt are the top two most deadly driving behaviors.

4. Seat belts are not considered an effective traffic safety device for preventing death and injury.

5. Anything that takes the driver's attention off the road is a distraction

6. The 30 to 34 age group had 24 deaths in 2016.

7. How many deaths to unrestrained occupants?

8. What percentage of persons killed in 2016 were aged 15-24 years?

9. How many people killed in 2016 were aged 55 - 99 years?

10. Under what age should infants & children ride in rear-facing car seats?

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