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We create this page to answer some basic questions for you, by so doing we hope to

reduce the numbers of calls coming into our office.


Can I start driving school at 15? Yes, you can complete your driver's ed at 15, but have to wait till you are 16 to get your license. The driver's ed certificate of completion does not expire, and the road test result is good for a year.

How does your program work?


If you are 15, 16, 17, 18 years old in Utah, you are required to take driver education course in order to get your license. This you can do through a driving school like ours or through your high school.
How long do I have to hold my learner's permit before I get my license? If you are 15, 16, 17 years old, you are required to hold your learner's permit for 6 months before you can be licensed.
I am 18 years old do I need a learner's permit? Yes, either you are 15 or 99 years old, you must obtain a Utah learner's permit as a first step to getting your license.
I am 18 years old, how long do I have to hold my learner's permit? 18 years old are not required to hold their learner's permit for six months. You can get your license as soon as you complete driver's education course.
I am 18 and already have my learner's permit, do I still need to take the 18 hours classroom driver education course? Yes, learner's permit does not exempt you from taking the 18 hours classroom course.
If I take Driver's Ed with National Driving School, can I take the final road test with you guys? No, we are not allowed to give the final road test to anyone that took the state required driver education course with our driving school. You have to take it with another driving school. We recommend Drive Right: 935 E South Union Ave D104, Midvale, UT 84047: Monday through Friday 10 am - 6 pm.
How much do you charge for your driving school? Our cost is $250.00 either you take the course in classroom, online or through our home study package.
What does the $250 covers The $250 covers 18 hours of classroom instruction which can be completed through our Homestudy packet, 6 hours-behind-the-wheel and 6 hours of observations.
How many tests do I have to take before I get my license?

Good question. You will take a total of 3 tests. Namely, 50 questions exam after you finish your workbook, that test is administered in our school office, you must get 80% in order to pass.

The second test is for the Driver License Division, it is called Utah Highway Safety and Trends exam. It is open book, and online, you must get a 100% on the 4 modules. Click here to take the test: Copy and paste this link to a url -

The final test you must take is a Road Test. You can take this with the Driver License Division by making an appointment by calling their customer service @Tel: 801.965.4437, or click here to setup your appointment - Copy and paste this link to a url

We recommend Drive Right for the final road test:  935 South Union Avenue D104, Midvale, UT 84047: Tel: 801 943 2200. Monday - Friday 10 am - 5:30 pm on Walk-In basis. Cost $40.


Will I get a full 6 hours behind-the-wheel? With all intents and purposes, we are committed to give you full six hours behind-the-wheel and even more if needed. If for any reason you miss some minutes and seconds behind the wheel, you are strongly encouraged to make up those times before graduating.
How flexible are your program? We are very flexible. We allow you to choose your driving time. You can start driving the same day you sign up. You can also drive everyday of the week if you choose to. Better still, you can do double drives in a day, and finish your behind-the-wheel in three instead of six days. We have 4 driving sessions every day, except on Saturdays we have three
What are your success rate? Currently 98% of our students pass their road test first time.
Has any of your students ever crashed your student driver vehicle before? No, not once, the truth is, In 6 years of operation we have zero accident and zero fatalities. That means National Driving School is one of the safest driving school in Utah. Safety of our students is our number one piority when conducting behind-the-wheel training.
Why should I choose National Driving School over others?
  • First of all, our tuition of $250 is affordable and flat across board (classroom, online, home study) in comparison to others who charges anywhere from $270, $290, $300 or more for similar programs.


  • We do not charge you any money if you miss your driving appointment. Other schools charges anywhere from $35 to $50 if you dare miss your behind-the-wheel appointment.


  • We do not charge book deposit fee.


  • We treat our students with respect. We do not yell or scream at our student when they make mistakes. Very friendly and positive atmosphere.


  • Our program is super-fast and efficient. You can finish in as little as five days or nine days at most. No drama and no stories, and we don't charge you extra for finishing that quick.


  • You can start driving the same day you sign up. You don't have to finish the home study packet before you start behind-the-wheel training. I think other schools use that to buy the time you don't have.


How do I enroll for your course?
  • You can enroll and pay online, to do so click on the link below, or copy and paste: Once we received your payment, we will email the Student Workbook to you.


  • Or you can stop by our office to enroll in person and pick up the hard copy of the workbook. Please call ahead of time (Tel: 801-502-7985) before stopping by our office, as we are constantly in and out on the road with students. For Logan office call Tel: 801 879 7039.
Do you accept payments? Because of past experience of students we offered payments absconding with our money, we decided not to accept payments. If you don't have the full money wait until you have it before you come to enrol in our school.
I need to take a Road Test, do I need an appointment? Yes, road test is by appointment only. Preferably, text your desired date and time to 801 502 7985. We will confirm the date and time to you in return. For Logan office call 801-879-7039
What forms of payment do you accept? We accept all forms of payment - cash, debit or credit card, money order, vouchers, etc.
I do not live in the Salt Lake area, can I still take your course? Yes, we have students coming from St. George, Park City, Ogden, Tooele and beyond participating in our program. All you need is to register and pay online, we will email you the student workbook. Complete the workbook, then come down to Salt Lake and complete behind-the-wheel portion in three days, doing two hours of driving and two hours of observations per day. It is that simple.
What is your school curriculum based on? Our curriculum is safety first, maneuver specific, and skill focused. Our goal is to put new drivers behind-the-wheel with skill and confidence, with a life time of safe driving habits.
How many instructors do you have? We have 4 instructors - Daniel, Cynthia, and Israel in our Taylorsville office, and Brenda in our Logan office. We are all State licensed driving Instructors and Third Party road testers.







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