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Introduction to Driving
Defensive Driving, Aggressive Driving, Reckless Driving, Distracted Driving, Drowsy Driving, and Road Rage, Being Pulled Over by Law Enforcement
Rules of the Road
Changing Lanes, Signaling, Blind Spot, Head Checks, Right and Left Turns, U-Turns, Emergency Vehicles, School Buses,
Traffic Signs, Signals and Road Markings
Shapes of Signs, Color of Signs, Special Signs, Route Markers and Mile Posts
Basic Driving Skills
How to drive in residential area and in the city, exressway driving, night driving, driving in hazardous conditions, snow, icey road, rain, fog, and flooded roadways, winter driving and emergency prepardness.
Collisions and Insurance Coverages
Accidents, causes and prevention, seat belts, child safety seat, and airbags. vehicle malfunctions, vehicle fires, first and cpr. SR-22
Health, Physical and Psychological Issues
How health issues affect driving safety
Alcohol and Drugs
Effect of alcohol and drugs on driving safety, penalties, rovocation and suspension of driving privileges
Vehicle Registration, Safety and Emmission Inspection
Vehicle Emission Testing, The importance of vehicle inspection, safety and emission
Sharing the Road
Sharing the road with large trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, and pedestrian
Utah Highway Safety and Trends Exam
A new exam all new drivers must take before getting their license. Take it now and get it out of the way.





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