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Same Day Road Test $35.00

Same day road test available for those who need to take their road test right away


Road Test Fee: $35 cash, credit or debit card

Call or text date and time preferred to Tel: 801 502 7985



What Do I Need to Bring With me for the test

To test with a third-party tester you must have one of the following:


Vehicle for the Road Test

We provide you with the dual brake vehicle for the road test


Our Testing Location

National Driving School
3587 W 4700 S
Taylorsville, UT 84129


What is on the road test?

There are 6 mandatory maneuvers you must perform, namely,

Backing, Parallel parking, Uphill or Downhill parking, U-turn, and three-point turn


BACKING You will be asked to back a car in reverse in a straight line for about 30 - 50 feet
PARALLEL PARKING You will be asked to parallel park behind a single vehicle, not between two cars, or cones.
UPHILL PARKING You will be asked to park uphill or down hill one of the two not both.
DOWNHILL PARKING You will be asked to park uphill or down hill one of the two not both.

You may be asked to make a U-Turn from two-way road without markings


You will be asked to perform a three-point-turn

LEFT TURNS (3) Turn must not be wide
RIGHT TURNS (3) Turn must not be wide
LANE CHANGES (3) Not erratic but smooth
STOP SIGNS/SIGNALS (3) No hard braking,
SPEED IN ZONES Correct speed - not too slow and not too fast
OBSERVATIONAL DRIVING ACTIONS Alertness, Attitude, Braking, Coordination, Distraction, Following distance, Late signal, Position in lane, Posture, Railroad crossing, Steering, Unnecessary stop.
VIOLATIONS - AUTOMATIC FAIL Backing in traffic, Crossing a barrier, Drive off the roadway, Failure to obey examiner, Fail to yield to vehicle or pedestrian, Go onto curb, Repeatedly missing three or more signals and headchecks, Hitting a stationary object such as garbage can, vehicle or cones, Speeding 10 mph over or under the speed limit, Speed in a School zone, Improper lane change, Improper lookout - pulling out in front of oncoming traffic, Improper passing, Improper signal, signaling left while turning right, Improper turn - turning into a wrong lane, Obstructing traffic, Run stop sign or red light,


Email: nationaldrivingschool@yahoo.com


Utah Road Test



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